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At Orthoplastics, quality encompasses everything across all aspects of production, from customer service, to design and manufacture of its premium grade medical plastics.

To emphasise this strict focus on delivering the highest grade of UHMWPE products, Orthoplastics adhere to rigorous quality inspection standards and processes. This ensures that every product that leaves its facility is guaranteed to meet and exceed customers demanding standards. As a result of this devoted approach towards quality, Orthoplastics have been accredited to a wide range of International Quality Standards.

The innovative facilities at Orthoplastics which are used to produce the best medical grade plastics on the market, are located roughly 50 kilometres north of Manchester.

The overall capacity at Orthoplastics offers a combined size of over 50,000 square feet, across two sites. Firstly a 30,000 square foot unit which contains departments such as; machining, finishing, research & development, shipping and warehousing. In addition to this, a state of the art press which is housed within a 20,000 square foot press facility has been purpose built to ensure a high quality of finish to every manufactured product at Orthoplastics.

Over the past 30 years, medical device manufacturers have often found themselves limited in terms of the options at their disposal for material selection. The use of complex biomaterials within medical applications and also the unhelpful quantity orders required were often too great of a risk for new start-ups within this sector.

As the world’s number 1 manufacturer of UHMPWE, Orthoplastics has recognised the limitations imposed on device manufacturers and now offers an unrivalled, complete supply chain solution. This brings together UHMWPE, Cross-linked UHMWPE and Vitamin E UHMWPE, Direct Compression Moulding manufacturing, with Component Machining and Laboratory Services.

Orthoplastics’ expert knowledge of orthopaedic materials has been developed continuously over 30 years. The vision of becoming the industry’s leading manufacturer of medical grade plastics has been achieved through its unsurpassed dedication to quality and excellence.

Investing both time and resources into developing its knowledge of medical plastics and advanced manufacturing techniques, has enabled Orthoplastics to continually surpass its customers exacting standards.

By bringing together UHMWPE, Cross-linked UHMWPE and Vitamin E UHMWPE, Component Machining, Direct Compression Moulding and Laboratory Services, Orthoplastics offers a complete supply chain solution to its customers.

Due to the expertise, knowledge and research conducted at Orthoplastics, a series of recognisable developments have been achieved in relation to the manufacture and supply of the highest quality UHMWPE available on the market.

Today, Orthoplastics is recognised globally as the leading supplier of UHMWPE, supplying many of the world’s orthopaedic device manufacturers. Its premium grade UHMWPE is expertly manufactured onsite in the UK and is the material of choice in a wide range of orthopaedic implants and devices for applications in hips, knees, shoulders, elbows, ankles and fingers.


Orthoplastics Limited is dedicated to the medical industry and is a world leader in the development and supply of both implantable-grade plastics and also biocompatible plastics for instrument applications.

Orthoplastics is a Viant company, a manufacturer of implantable plastics, producing the highest grade orthopaedic UHMWPE and medical devices on the market. Our product development expertise is trusted and proven, with our implantable plastics used in orthopaedic implant applications such as knees, hips and shoulders.

To find out more about this unique expertise of implantable plastics then simply download our brochure and give us a call.



A series of Quality Systems and Accreditations form the foundations of Orthoplastics success. Using the requirements of 21 CFR 820 as a guide, Orthoplastics have gained accreditation to ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 14001.

Employing traceability techniques during the manufacturing of all medical grade product, allows Orthoplastics to regularly assess product quality. All data is recorded and stored for a minimum of 30 years after the manufacturing processes.

Additionally, implementing visual inspection techniques allows for the determination of the products’ quality, along with using non-destructive, ultrasonic testing. Product batch testing is then completed in accordance with ISO 5834-2, ASTM F648 and customer specifications.


Orthoplastics are experts in direct compression moulding techniques that ensures components are produced to the highest grade, with a perfectly polished moulded surface. This removes the machining surface present on the articulated surface of conventionally machined products.

Orthoplastics greatly improve the properties of their products by conducting the compression moulding operation over a reduced projected area, and by using fan assisted ovens under controlled conditions. This approach ensures that greater control is maintained over the pressure and temperature cycles, allowing for a far more precise finish.


Orthoplastics provide industry leading customer service, priding themselves on delivering the highest quality medical products, faster and more cost effectively than many others within the industry.

Paying full attention towards the customer and the product ensures that Orthoplastics fully understand the needs of their clients, even down to the packaging and delivery of the product. This ensures that customer expectations are consistently surpassed. Certification in regards to the quality of the product is printed and placed in with the product to reinforce that customer requirements have been met down to the finest detail.


Orthoplastics have invested in a 20,000 square foot press facility which houses one of the most advanced state of the art UHMPWE presses in the world.

This provides its customers with a number of major benefits, in particularly the high quality of finish that all Orthoplastics products are renowned for, across the World.

The addition of this facility enables Orthoplastics to expand production and capacity at any time to meet the demands of the industry.


At Orthoplastics, there is a focussed approach to work alongside its customer to truly understand the exact product specifications and desired applications that they require.

With its world leading onsite laboratory, based within the Orthoplastics facility, customers have the opportunity to both research and develop their new products to pass the medical industry’s demanding technical specifications. By accessing the laboratory, customers can be navigated through the complexities of production, compliance and accreditation, enabling them to get their products to market quickly, saving valuable time and money.


The facilities at Orthoplastics, totalling over 50,000 square foot, provide customers with access to orthopaedic plastic production that can meet even the most demanding capacity levels.

Within its manufacturing methods, Orthoplastics operate four ram-extruders, all of which possess a capacity of 30 tons UHMWPE rods each, while also operating two screw extruders of which combine to provide a 100 ton capacity.

This impressive working capacity underpins Orthoplastics position as the leading manufacturers of medical grade plastics, and the highly technical facilities which are continuously developed remain at the forefront of the development of medical grade plastic applications.


Managing Director

Mark joined Orthoplastics in 2000 and has 28 years experience in the plastics industry. He also holds a BSc in Polymer Science & Technology.


Technical Director

Chris is responsible for all Quality related areas and NPD. He joined the company in 1992 and is an Affiliate member of the Chartered Quality Institute.


Sales & Marketing Director

With over 30 years’ experience at Orthoplastics, Bernadette’s dynamic role covers a range of activities from expanding Export markets, to integrating digital communication technologies.


Financial Director

Darren has been with the company since 1997, also looking after financial responsibilities for other group companies. He is responsible for all aspects of finance functions.


Finance Accounts Director

Stuart has been with the Company since 2002 and is responsible for the management of all customer and supplier accounts whilst working closely with Darren on Corporate Accounts functions.


Business Development Director

Neil has been with Orthoplastics since 1990, holding a Masters Degree in Business Administration. He is responsible for all technical aspects throughout the company.


Business Systems Director

Mark has been at Orthoplastics for the last 5 years. He has over 30 years’ experience in business system implementations and processes.


Orthoplastics is now the most advanced and specialised manufacturer of UHMWPE to the medical sector. UHMWPE unique properties means that it is an exceptionally attractive and effective solution to the complexities of wear, due to its toughness and high resistance to abrasion.

Using a range of production processes, Orthoplastics expertly manufacture UHMWPE from Celanese GUR® 1020, 1050 and 1020-E polymer. This can be produced via ram extrusion that produces a rod shaped product, while the second process of compression moulding results in large sheets of product or direct compression moulding, which features a highly polished finish.


Orthoplastics have achieved a number of key developments regarding the design, manufacture and supply of the highest quality UHMWPE products available on the market.

The production of premium grade products has led to Orthoplastics now supplying the world’s leading orthopaedic device manufacturers and many new start-up businesses. Premium grade products which have been expertly created, have been used across a wide range of orthopaedic implants such as applications for knees, shoulders, hips, elbows, ankles and fingers.


Orthoplastics dedication to both Research and Development surpasses many of its competitors within the medical industry. This investment of time and resources into innovation has created a platform whereby Orthoplastics can continue to improve on its high quality, industry leading products.

Further investment into continually expanding its R&D facility has recently been completed with a purpose built laboratory. This now allows customers to conduct their own basic medical research, with the additional guidance and expert support of Orthoplastics.


In recent years, orthopaedic device manufacturers have identified UHMWPE as the most suitable orthopaedic material to use when creating medical grade applications for the health sector.

Orthoplastics have drawn upon its industry expertise in medical plastics to provide a series of integrated processes to produce the highest quality of UHMWPE in the world. It’s this premium grade product that is now the material of choice for orthopaedic device manufacturers across the globe.

Its advanced industry knowledge provides Orthoplastics with the opportunity to continually develop and manufacture innovative product solutions for the medical industry.


Orthoplastics is fully devoted to providing its clients and the market with the highest grade of UHMWPE available. It is due to the rigorous quality control systems that have been installed that the medical plastics manufactured by Orthoplastics are the material of choice favoured by the world’s leading orthopaedic device manufacturers.

A range of advanced manufacturing processes have been integrated to ensure that the demanding industry standards are consistently exceeded by Orthoplastics. This has resulted in Orthoplastics being accredited to ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 14001.


Orthoplastics’ industry leading facilities are situated around 50 kilometres north of the city of Manchester. Its impressive facilities offer a combined size that exceeds 50,000 square feet.

Firstly, Orthoplastics 30,000 square foot unit contains a range of different departments including machining, finishing, research & development, shipping and warehousing space.

Additionally, a 20,000 square foot press facility has been purpose built in order to house the state of the art UHMWPE press that has been installed at Orthoplastics and offer an exceptional quality of finish on all products manufactured.


Orthoplastics is fully dedicated to the medical sector, producing the highest grade of orthopaedic UHMWPE products on the market.

A combination of rigorous quality control systems ensures that Orthoplastics continually exceed the Documented Quality System requirements of International Standards, including surpassing the specifications of 21 CFR 820. Orthoplastics have been accredited to ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 14001, which are all regulated under Validation Control (IQ, OQ/PQ) and FMEA studies.


Devoted to the medical industry, Orthoplastics is a world leader in the development and supply of both implantable-grade plastics and also biocompatible plastics for instrument applications.

Orthoplastics has led the way in making recognisable contributions to the advancement of UHMWPE and its numerous applications. The superior consolidation and elevated purity achieved at Orthoplastics, in addition to the development of Vitamin E blended products, promises an extended product life span and a greatly improved quality of life for patients that receive orthopaedic implants.


Bringing together UHMWPE, Cross-linked UHMWPE and Vitamin E UHMWPE, Component Machining, Direct Compression Moulding and Laboratory Services ensures that Orthoplastics provide the complete supply chain solution to their customers.

The degree of Orthoplastics specialist knowledge sets it apart from its competitors within the medical sector, thereby positioning it as a valuable resource to its customers when designing and commissioning bespoke implantable devices. Offering customers the capability to research, Orthoplastics manufacture products in one place, providing specialised support and guidance to ensure that their client’s customised product precisely meets their required needs.

Our Values

Orthoplastics is dedicated to the medical industry and is a world leader in the development and supply of both implantable-grade plastics and also biocompatible plastics for instrument applications.

As a part of the Viant corporation, our long term strategic goals at Orthoplastics are to become a true, end-to-end partner for an efficient supply chain solution. To deliver these goals we share the values of Viant.

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