The innovative facilities at Orthoplastics which are used to produce the best medical grade plastics on the market, are located roughly 50 kilometres north of Manchester.

The overall capacity at Orthoplastics offers a combined size of over 50,000 square feet, across two sites. Firstly a 30,000 square foot unit which contains departments such as; machining, finishing, research & development, shipping and warehousing. In addition to this, a state of the art press which is housed within a 20,000 square foot press facility has been purpose built to ensure a high quality of finish to every manufactured product at Orthoplastics.


Orthoplastics have invested in a 20,000 square foot press facility which houses one of the most advanced state of the art UHMPWE presses in the world.

This provides its customers with a number of major benefits, in particularly the high quality of finish that all Orthoplastics products are renowned for, across the World.

The addition of this facility enables Orthoplastics to expand production and capacity at any time to meet the demands of the industry.


At Orthoplastics, there is a focussed approach to work alongside its customer to truly understand the exact product specifications and desired applications that they require.

With its world leading onsite laboratory, based within the Orthoplastics facility, customers have the opportunity to both research and develop their new products to pass the medical industry’s demanding technical specifications. By accessing the laboratory, customers can be navigated through the complexities of production, compliance and accreditation, enabling them to get their products to market quickly, saving valuable time and money.


The facilities at Orthoplastics, totalling over 50,000 square foot, provide customers with access to orthopaedic plastic production that can meet even the most demanding capacity levels.

Within its manufacturing methods, Orthoplastics operate four ram-extruders, all of which possess a capacity of 30 tons UHMWPE rods each, while also operating two screw extruders of which combine to provide a 100 ton capacity.

This impressive working capacity underpins Orthoplastics position as the leading manufacturers of medical grade plastics, and the highly technical facilities which are continuously developed remain at the forefront of the development of medical grade plastic applications.

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