Orthoplastics is a world leader in the research, development and supply of both implantable-grade plastics, UHMWPE, and biocompatible plastics for medical applications.

Leading the way within the medical plastics industry, Orthoplastics regularly make recognisable contributions to the advancement of UHMWPE and its applications. Superior product quality and a constant drive to better their understandings of materials and their usages, results in the industry being provided with the highest grades of medical polymers available on the market.


Orthoplastics’ long term commitment and dedication to the orthopaedic industry surpasses all other businesses that operate with this part of the medical sector. To reinforce this, Orthoplastics aim to continually expand its research and design facilities, for internal testing and also for use by customer with NPD programmes.

Orthoplastics is committed to innovation and pushing technologies to further improve orthopaedic product performance and advance the issue of wear for both device manufacturers and patients.


Consulting with its clients, referring to the applicable standards and their extensive experience, Orthoplastics designs test programmes to meet the requirements for applications such as CE and 510k submissions.

The quality systems employed at Orthoplastics meet the highest standards required within its main service sector, namely implantable medical devices. With its laboratory UKAS accredited & the majority of its projects are carried out in accordance to ISO17025.


As a global company, Orthoplastics works with its customers internationally. Its success is driven by a commitment to quality and its ability to deliver new products to market quickly for customers. If your business would benefit from the expert knowledge then Orthoplastics would be extremely delighted to receive contact from you.

If you would like to talk further about how Orthoplastics can help with research, design and manufacturing of your orthopaedic UHMWPE products and applications then simply visit our contact page.

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