At Orthoplastics, quality encompasses everything across all aspects of production, from customer service, to design and manufacture of its premium grade medical plastics.

To emphasise this strict focus on delivering the highest grade of UHMWPE products, Orthoplastics adhere to rigorous quality inspection standards and processes. This ensures that every product that leaves its facility is guaranteed to meet and exceed customers demanding standards. As a result of this devoted approach towards quality, Orthoplastics have been accredited to a wide range of International Quality Standards.


A series of Quality Systems and Accreditations form the foundations of Orthoplastics success. Using the requirements of 21 CFR 820 as a guide, Orthoplastics have gained accreditation to ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 14001.

Employing traceability techniques during the manufacturing of all medical grade product, allows Orthoplastics to regularly assess product quality. All data is recorded and stored for a minimum of 30 years after the manufacturing processes.

Additionally, implementing visual inspection techniques allows for the determination of the products’ quality, along with using non-destructive, ultrasonic testing. Product batch testing is then completed in accordance with ISO 5834-2, ASTM F648 and customer specifications.


Orthoplastics are experts in direct compression moulding techniques that ensures components are produced to the highest grade, with a perfectly polished moulded surface. This removes the machining surface present on the articulated surface of conventionally machined products.

Orthoplastics greatly improve the properties of their products by conducting the compression moulding operation over a reduced projected area, and by using fan assisted ovens under controlled conditions. This approach ensures that greater control is maintained over the pressure and temperature cycles, allowing for a far more precise finish.


Orthoplastics provide industry leading customer service, priding themselves on delivering the highest quality medical products, faster and more cost effectively than many others within the industry.

Paying full attention towards the customer and the product ensures that Orthoplastics fully understand the needs of their clients, even down to the packaging and delivery of the product. This ensures that customer expectations are consistently surpassed. Certification in regards to the quality of the product is printed and placed in with the product to reinforce that customer requirements have been met down to the finest detail.

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