Orthoplastics’ expert knowledge of orthopaedic materials has been developed continuously over 30 years. The vision of becoming the industry’s leading manufacturer of medical grade plastics has been achieved through its unsurpassed dedication to quality and excellence.

Investing both time and resources into developing its knowledge of medical plastics and advanced manufacturing techniques, has enabled Orthoplastics to continually surpass its customers exacting standards.

By bringing together UHMWPE, Cross-linked UHMWPE and Vitamin E UHMWPE, Component Machining, Direct Compression Moulding and Laboratory Services, Orthoplastics offers a complete supply chain solution to its customers.


In recent years, orthopaedic device manufacturers have identified UHMWPE as the most suitable orthopaedic material to use when creating medical grade applications for the health sector.

Orthoplastics have drawn upon its industry expertise in medical plastics to provide a series of integrated processes to produce the highest quality of UHMWPE in the world. It’s this premium grade product that is now the material of choice for orthopaedic device manufacturers across the globe.

Its advanced industry knowledge provides Orthoplastics with the opportunity to continually develop and manufacture innovative product solutions for the medical industry.


Orthoplastics is fully devoted to providing its clients and the market with the highest grade of UHMWPE available. It is due to the rigorous quality control systems that have been installed that the medical plastics manufactured by Orthoplastics are the material of choice favoured by the world’s leading orthopaedic device manufacturers.

A range of advanced manufacturing processes have been integrated to ensure that the demanding industry standards are consistently exceeded by Orthoplastics. This has resulted in Orthoplastics being accredited to ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 14001.


Orthoplastics’ industry leading facilities are situated around 50 kilometres north of the city of Manchester. Its impressive facilities offer a combined size that exceeds 50,000 square feet.

Firstly, Orthoplastics 30,000 square foot unit contains a range of different departments including machining, finishing, research & development, shipping and warehousing space.

Additionally, a 20,000 square foot press facility has been purpose built in order to house the state of the art UHMWPE press that has been installed at Orthoplastics and offer an exceptional quality of finish on all products manufactured.

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