Orthoplastics are at the forefront of medical plastics research and development for the orthopaedic sector. The research carried out by Orthoplastics, and the products produced, provide many long term benefits to the patient community.

From the research carried out over the last 20 years, a variety of medical grade plastics have been developed and brought to the market by Orthoplastics’ active approach. These include cross-linked materials, vitamin-e materials and a variety of other new materials manufacturing processes.


Orthoplastics have purposely developed and invested into their facility, allowing it to work alongside its customer and exceed their exacting product specifications.

The world leading onsite laboratory within the Orthoplastics facility serves a number of different purposes. Firstly, it provides customers with the opportunity to conduct their own research, which then allows them to develop an exact product specification that precisely meets their needs. In addition to using the facility, support is available to overcome the complexities of production, compliance and accreditation, getting products to market quickly and saving valuable time and money.


Orthoplastics are industry leaders in the research, development and manufacturing of medical grade plastics, and believe that providing manufacturing excellence doesn’t just mean the product itself, but also the service that is delivered alongside its world class products.

Customer service is equally as important as manufacturing excellence and Orthoplastics is dedicated to ensuring its customers receive their products exactly as they require them – right down to the packaging. To ensure shipments are received in pristine condition, all material is carefully packed in bespoke rugged containers with product certification enclosed.


Orthoplastics is fully focussed on providing the medical sector with the highest premium grade of medical plastics on the market. It is due to the innovative research that is undertaken at Orthoplastics and the rigorous quality control systems employed, that the products produced by Orthoplastics are used with confidence around the world by industry leading orthopaedic device manufacturers.

By setting high standards and maintaining them, Orthoplastics has gained accreditation to quality standard awards such as ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 14001.

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