Bringing new orthopaedic products to market can be a slow, technically challenging and costly experience, but this process can be simplified by working with a world leader in implantable plastic manufacturing and component machining.

Orthoplastics navigates its customers through the complexities of production, compliance and accreditation, getting orthopaedic products to market quickly, saving valuable time and money. By working with Orthoplastics businesses can access both its product knowledge and vast archives of historical data to assist in technical submissions or to pass the regulatory requirements.


Orthoplastics is recognised across the globe as the leader in the development and supply of both implantable grade plastics and biocompatible plastics for instrument applications. The company produces the highest quality, premium grade UHMWPE on the market and works closely with its partners to develop new and innovative orthopaedic implant products.

By choice, Orthoplastics machining capabilities relate only to plastics, both implant grade and instrument whereby, the CNC machining centres and lathes can meet any manufacturing requirement


Orthoplastics can assist device manufactures with any sub-contracting requirements, from CNC machining expertise in milling, turning, grinding, and drilling of implantable grade plastics for any orthopaedic component. It develops strong partnerships with its customers, visiting their sites or end user’s sites, to provide bespoke orthopaedic engineering solutions.

With a highly skilled workforce and state of the art equipment, Orthoplastics take pride in being able to produce high quality, complex components quicker and more cost effectively than its competitors.


Orthoplastics accelerate the component machining production process and ensure that all new product concepts meet the application, specification and technical demands required.

With their own research and development laboratory that is extensively equipped, they provide an unrivalled research and development service to the orthopaedic implantable plastics industry. This depth and breadth of technical expertise is available to support all product development programmes.

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