Over the past 30 years, medical device manufacturers have often found themselves limited in terms of the options at their disposal for material selection. The use of complex biomaterials within medical applications and also the unhelpful quantity orders required were often too great of a risk for new start-ups within this sector.

As the world’s number 1 manufacturer of UHMPWE, Orthoplastics has recognised the limitations imposed on device manufacturers and now offers an unrivalled, complete supply chain solution. This brings together UHMWPE, Cross-linked UHMWPE and Vitamin E UHMWPE, Direct Compression Moulding manufacturing, with Component Machining and Laboratory Services.


Orthoplastics is now the most advanced and specialised manufacturer of UHMWPE to the medical sector. UHMWPE unique properties means that it is an exceptionally attractive and effective solution to the complexities of wear, due to its toughness and high resistance to abrasion.

Using a range of production processes, Orthoplastics expertly manufacture UHMWPE from Celanese GUR® 1020, 1050 and 1020-E polymer. This can be produced via ram extrusion that produces a rod shaped product, while the second process of compression moulding results in large sheets of product or direct compression moulding, which features a highly polished finish.


Orthoplastics have achieved a number of key developments regarding the design, manufacture and supply of the highest quality UHMWPE products available on the market.

The production of premium grade products has led to Orthoplastics now supplying the world’s leading orthopaedic device manufacturers and many new start-up businesses. Premium grade products which have been expertly created, have been used across a wide range of orthopaedic implants such as applications for knees, shoulders, hips, elbows, ankles and fingers.


Orthoplastics dedication to both Research and Development surpasses many of its competitors within the medical industry. This investment of time and resources into innovation has created a platform whereby Orthoplastics can continue to improve on its high quality, industry leading products.

Further investment into continually expanding its R&D facility has recently been completed with a purpose built laboratory. This now allows customers to conduct their own basic medical research, with the additional guidance and expert support of Orthoplastics.

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