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Within the medical sector, Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene, or UHMWPE, has often been referred to as the most suitable bearing material to use when producing orthopaedic implants, due to its range of beneficial properties. Its excellent resistance to wear and its core strength as a plastic material, appeals greatly to device manufacturers who serve the medical industry.

Orthoplastics have opted to develop its manufacturing methods for UHMWPE to provide device manufacturers with a highest grade of medical plastic that is available on today’s global market.

For over 40 years, UHMWPE has been regarded as the primary bearing material for orthopaedic applications. Its high abrasion resistance and toughness means that it is an exceptionally attractive solution to the complexities of wear.

Today, Orthoplastics are the World’s leading producers of UHMWPE and manufacture UHMWPE from Celanese GUR® 1020, 1050 and 1020-E polymer via two distinct processes: ram extrusion, which produces a rod shaped product and compression moulding, which produces a large sheet of product.

Bringing new orthopaedic products to market can be a slow, technically challenging and costly experience, but this process can be simplified by taking advantage of Orthoplastics’ subcontracting service.

Many great ideas don’t get past the concept stage due to the technical regulatory and cost barriers that exist within product manufacturing. By working with a world leader in implantable plastic manufacturing and component machining, Orthoplastics will accelerate the production process to ensure that your new product concepts meet the application, specification and technical demands required.

Orthoplastics is a world leader in the research, development and supply of both implantable-grade plastics, UHMWPE, and biocompatible plastics for medical applications.

Leading the way within the medical plastics industry, Orthoplastics regularly make recognisable contributions to the advancement of UHMWPE and its applications. Superior product quality and a constant drive to better their understandings of materials and their usages, results in the industry being provided with the highest grades of medical polymers available on the market.

The Orthoplastics laboratory is UKAS accredited and the majority of its projects are carried out in accordance to ISO17025. This industry leading laboratory has been designed and built to support new product development for Orthoplastics’ customers.

It allows customers to accelerate the production process and ensure that all new product concepts meet the application, specification and technical demands required, so that they progress their product to market quicker. It also means that the customer does not have to invest resources to build their own laboratory, thereby avoiding the associated costs and time.


A world leader in the manufacturing of UHMWPE, and an expert in all forms of plastic machining, Orthoplastics we will navigate you through the complexities of production, compliance and accreditation, getting your orthopaedic products to market quickly, saving you valuable time and money.

By subcontracting your production and working with Orthoplastics you can access both its product knowledge and vast archives of historical data to assist in technical submissions or to pass the regulatory requirements.


Orthoplastics have installed the most advanced CNC machining that is available. By choice, its machining capabilities relate only to plastics, both implant grade and instrument, where its CNC machining centres and lathes can meet any manufacturing requirement.

Alongside Orthoplastics CNC machines, they also offer various surface treatments that are all available to meet and exceed customer’s specifications.


If you need CNC expertise in milling, turning, grinding and drilling of implantable grade plastics then work with the leader in orthopaedic component machining. Orthoplastics develop strong partnerships with its customers, visiting their sites or end user’s sites, to provide bespoke orthopaedic engineering solutions.

With a highly skilled workforce, state of the art equipment Orthoplastics takes pride in being able to produce high quality, complex components quicker and more cost effectively than its competitors.


Orthoplastics’ long term commitment and dedication to the orthopaedic industry surpasses all other businesses that operate with this part of the medical sector. To reinforce this, Orthoplastics aim to continually expand its research and design facilities, for internal testing and also for use by customer with NPD programmes.

Orthoplastics is committed to innovation and pushing technologies to further improve orthopaedic product performance and advance the issue of wear for both device manufacturers and patients.


Consulting with its clients, referring to the applicable standards and their extensive experience, Orthoplastics designs test programmes to meet the requirements for applications such as CE and 510k submissions.

The quality systems employed at Orthoplastics meet the highest standards required within its main service sector, namely implantable medical devices. With its laboratory UKAS accredited & the majority of its projects are carried out in accordance to ISO17025.


As a global company, Orthoplastics works with its customers internationally. Its success is driven by a commitment to quality and its ability to deliver new products to market quickly for customers. If your business would benefit from the expert knowledge then Orthoplastics would be extremely delighted to receive contact from you.

If you would like to talk further about how Orthoplastics can help with research, design and manufacturing of your orthopaedic UHMWPE products and applications then simply visit our contact page.


With its own research and development laboratory that is extensively equipped, Orthoplastics provide an unrivalled research and development service to the orthopaedic implantable plastics industry. In addition to the essential equipment for certification, the research and development laboratory is equipped with the following:

  • Nicolet FTIR
  • Netzsch DSC
  • Cambridge Polymer Group Swell Ratio Tester SRT-1
  • ‘Small Punch Test’ (Multi-axis Tensile Test) from Exponent
  • Oxygen bomb for artificial ageing


Bringing new orthopaedic products to market can be a slow, technically challenging and costly experience, especially the testing and accreditation phases. This process can be simplified by working with a world leader in implantable plastics manufacturing that has invested in creating its own onsite laboratory.

Orthoplastics commitment to research and development is unrivalled within the orthopaedic implantable plastics industry and it works directly with customers to provide technical expertise to support all product development programmes.


Orthoplastics continuously upgrades its facilities, by investing into a wide range of modern equipment and technologies that allows them to accurately cater for a wide range of customer demands.

Its research and development laboratory is comprehensively equipped and has extensive experience of testing materials and products manufactured from Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE), Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) and other polymers, primarily within the medical device sector.

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